Male Strippers Charleston, SC

Local Independent male stripogram for hire. Book me (Michael) for your ideal partay how you want it. Last minute calls welcomed any day of week. I take private bookings at 8433609438.

Some stimulation for Charleston, SC bachelorettes, birthday bashes or any occassion. Acutal pics. I will do my best to accommodates your request and schedule.

Charleston Male Strippers

Michael specializes in stripping, in the Charleston area, he is displaying his thick legs, chisled abs, muscular chest and physique. He's wearing a red cowboy hat slightly tip down and black shorts.


Place: Charleston, South Carolina, Incredible shows with unrushed service and extravaganza. Give your bestie a unexpected spectacle and performance with a hot stud, while in your pajamas.

A Sin-ful Charleston Fling Before the Ring

I’m a bachelorette party extraordinaire for partying on the coast. Don’t be disappointed when the model image that is on multi-city pages you hired was not who you expected to perform for you.

Charleston, SC male revue event party at your place with Mich. Covering adult ladies night out shows. Michael is in short black tights showing ripped abs and muscular physique.

For your awareness when booking

No dedicated male strip clubs or black male strippers in Charleston clubs or 4-8 dance troupes exist in this city. Some brands have multiple web-sites, event bite sales, different names and people answering phone but its the same company and single event. I have websites covering nearby cities but not for the same city as mentioned above.

Serving up adult pleasure and play productions

Michael hottest back and butt shot in tight blue spandex briefs, he regularly does private in home parties. A Charleston SC exotic dancer if a male striper is needed.
Mich posing next to a chair in light blue brief. Hottest side view of him. Male Stripper Charleston

More snapshots of me

Why me?

  • Real recent photo of me
  • Speak directly to dancer
  • No hidden charges
  • Up to 90 min long
  • Pay on arrival
  • No deposits or non-refundable contracts
  • Stay where you are
  • Quality over quantity
  • Testimonials

Bio: Michael

I started dancing a while a go to help pay for my BS degree and worked in clubs in the CHS area. While working my day job I decided to keep dancing on the side and eventually made a website for it. A friend who was working in a traveling exotic troupe got my into dancing and I kept the craft going. He took me to some of his parties and shown me the ropes of being a guy for rent. Getting started was the toughest part due to lack of consistency and not being organized. Other than dancing, I appreciate taking care of myself with yoga, running and strength training. The runs help for lasting the entire time without rest and stretching for pulling off those flexy positions. I spent some time dancing latin, stepping, hip hop and doing cirque which shows in my style. I attempted pole like females do but it is a lot harder than it looks. My favorite body part to train in the gym is glutes probably because I am a butt vs boobs man. I do lots of barbell hip thrust, squats or extensions and not so much chest, bicep or triceps. I like fantasy sci fi movies and building things from scratch, from web-pages to material objects.

What is a stripper?

This is a person 18 years of age or older who performs for other adults in nonpublic settings, strip-o-grams, revues, exclusive stripper dances or clubs. They are paid a rate or work off tips from one song to a couple hours for a group females or gentlemen for display purpose. They disrobe in a appealing way until fully nude or down to their underwear while a crowd cheers them on.

The process of hiring

I want the time, address, contacts, requests, reason for and your scheduled. I will tell you total amount in full, I will stay be available until I arrive, be there a little before starting and coordinate with you from start to finish. I encourage tipping because it helps party-goers engage with me and better interactions. The sum is collected on arrival and cash is preferred method. Venmo or cashapp maybe accepted.  At the last moment or late ditched calls are fine so make a reservation.

I am lying on bed with purple hot sexy underwear on. My glutes are covered can you can see his back muscles.

About your show

Before your tease begins, clear out some space and have everyone seated around dancing area. bust a move with some headstands, circus tricks and exotic play included. On my carry is a flashy attire, tunes and a magnetic persona. A event can last 90 minutes and there are no extra fees to stay longer.

This is meant for bride squads, risque themes, slumber, party bus, surprise get-together, and private galas. Delicious man treat at your personal shindig, request me today. Go here an see my references of prior gigs. Sometimes partiers at my gigs in the holy city will dress up and stun me.

Party Price $200.00
Charleston Bachelorette and Celebrating another year

The package price is the only one set amount and tips are very much appreciated.

My logo of a lady in a cup holding a martinee cup the words above her head.

See my about link or FAQ for any concerns. I’d luv to perform an give unique exhibtion.

See my articles for tips and news:

8433609438 – Call or text me
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