First time hiring a dancer?

Are you new to the concept of male strippers? Do you crave a muscle man to strip and dance just for your event? Let me help you with the basics on male dancer and how to hire one. From the movie screen, going to the bar club or ordering like ordering a pizza to go, …

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Exotic Dance Terminolgy

Fun terms off the internet or I have heard while doing shows. Fun humorous post with acutal stuff. I may add on to this list as time goes on but this is a post about some of the fun stuff I here while at or doing parties. Home

Secret Dancer workout routine

A male stripper who dances in all kind of venues like private parties, male strip clubs, male revues, butlers, bartenders and all sort of events when ladies hire a male model for entertainment. Working out and staying lean enough lean enough is always a on going battle for any dancer. Most people who are entertainers …

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Become a man stripper

The become a man stripper post for 2023, I meant to say man. I have read many guides on how to do this and they are very detailed from the workout routine to who to dance for so I will add my twist on the story line. Becoming a Stripper The task of becoming a …

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Exotic dancer or stripper stats and salary

Salary of exotic dancer Written by: Michael, exotic dancer per Glassdoor:,13.htm The average salary is between 34k to 56k a year full time per payscale: The average salary can be 21k to 79k a year plus commission My Opinion My personal salary is not enough for a healthy starbucks budget for coffee trips …

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Types of male dancers

Here is a list of the types of strippers I have ran into over the years dancing. Like any gig, the personalities are always interesting. Enjoy and little comedy and a FAQ on the type of dancers out there. The Acrobat Probably a very quiet dancer who use to be some sort of performer in …

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The best male revues worldwide

What is a Male Revue A male revue is a group of three or more men who perform trained routines while taking off their clothing down to underwear or less. The revue will have a portion of routines done in a group and solo performances as well. Male revues can include hip hop dance moves and acrobatic …

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