Exotic Dance Terminolgy

Fun terms off the internet or I have heard while doing shows. Fun humorous post with acutal stuff.

  1. Stripper – Person who removes their clothes for money or entertain a crowd for free
  2. He really likes you – The jig is up, stop going over to the hot girl/guy
  3. Twerk – Hands on knees, hips, floor or a object while rolling the hips north to south
  4. Who is that? – You are not the guy they hired from off the website pictures
  5. Private party – The dancer comes to your location
  6. errecion – The entertainer may be stiff
  7. He happy – stiff
  8. Anyone sitting deep in a corner – Dont touch me
  9. Last song – Time for the show to stop, go home
  10. Come to the strep club – a bar that is a nightclub a hour is given for make dancers or it serves as a proximity front for a bus business
  11. Is that who we picked? – your not the guy they picked
  12. This is funny – Your not so sexy of a dancer
  13. 1 minute after arrival, ” are you ready yet? – Hurry up
  14. pole dancer – person on a pole usually female, i am glad men don’t use poles
  15. Agent – person that booked the show
  16. tips – throwing dollars at a stripper
  17. Venmo – No one one has cash lol or tips maybe
  18. Want a drink – Nah I ok doing this sober lol

I may add on to this list as time goes on but this is a post about some of the fun stuff I here while at or doing parties.


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