Exotic dancer or stripper stats and salary

Salary of exotic dancer

Written by: Michael, exotic dancer

per Glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/exotic-dancer-salary-SRCH_KO0,13.htm

The average salary is between 34k to 56k a year full time

per payscale: https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Stripper%2FExotic_Dancer/Hourly_Rate

The average salary can be 21k to 79k a year plus commission

My Opinion

My personal salary is not enough for a healthy starbucks budget for coffee trips to keep me attentive while studying. There are all sorts of factors in my personal opinion like gender, age, race, body type and most important of all, who you work for if your a male I know personally. If a company or companies like you then you get all the work in the area and all of them will call you first plus if there is a club to perform in is extra consistent income. The salary as a exotic dancer is truly based on the individual and how crafty they are with people. The actual salaries vary widely and some people may owe money as well.

Stats about exotic dancers and strippers


None needed but Male Stripper academy has a training course. https://malestripperacademy.com
Adonis Dance Academy youtube video to learn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osXlvF49FSw
Wiki How article: https://www.wikihow.com/Become-a-Male-Stripper#:~:text=When%20you%20start%20out%2C%20explore,type%20of%20work%20they%20do.

Exotic dancers are self employed or independent contractors

This means dispute anyone they work form having a boss, employee relationship, it would be hard to find them filing a normal w2 end of year.

Exotic Dancer Training

Unless you are part of a dance troupe then there is no training to be a exotic dancer. Amateurs get a chance to shoot their shot on stage and if they do well, they are hired again.

Place of Employment and hirings

Night club, agencies, bar, venues with open stage space and remote at customers place.

Types of groups who dance

Troupes and Burlesque shows – choreographed routines where people are in sync
Revues and strip clubs – They dance shortly in a group, each person gets a turn, free for all at end

Here is a interview with a male stripper as information as well

The link below is a good read for anyone aspiring to be a exotic dancer about the business of stripping.


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