The most common questions that I get asked about being hired for a show.

Can I pick the dancer I get?

I use current photos for your party and there is one guy Michael to pick from. I only exist in Chas. and drive within 2 hour for your party. The stock image model in NYC, Atlanta, Miami or Vegas is not going to drive or fly 5 hours or more for your party. He is probably living his best life where somewhere or still in bed.

Do you travel to my locations?

Yes I will drive to your address and also advertise in other cities with different webpages. You will still knows it me.

Booking Details?

Call or text me with your date time and address of the party. I will check calender and negotiate if needed the time we start. I ask you for the details or your party and if you have any questions. Your booked

How far in advance can I book?

You can book days weeks or months in advance for your party. It is first come first serve basis so the earlier the better

Do you take last minute books?

Yes, call me on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or any day of the week for a last minute booking. I will do my best to make it to your party at the last minute

How long are the parties?

The time ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes long

Do you need to change into costume?

Yes I need 5-10 minutes before your party to change and get everything ready. It is always much better than just jumping right into it after driving a hour or more to get to you.

Do you have your own speaker?

Yes I bring my own speaker with me but using yours it fine as well.

Why is the content on all these websites similar or so many club shows or events tickets?

The art of deception is part of the game.

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