Preparing for Your Bachelorette Party Dancer

Here it is, the special day. You are attending a Bachelorette Party. It might be your own, it could be a friend’s. Either way you know there will be a stripper there. How do you ready yourself? Here are some valuable tips from a dancer.

Try to play along as much as possible. If the guy comes dressed as cop, tell him please do not arrest me officer. If he comes dressed as a devlivery man, tell him where is my order. It is more fun if you play along and have fun with the theme. You can be sure the guy will play his role. The hardest part of the party is always the intro.

Make sure the bride gets the most play time, sometimes the hunk wonders in the wrong direction. The stripper is working for her so make sure she is the center of his attention. If you are the special girl, if you like the guy then play along or tell him to move on to your friends. You’ll have fun either way by watching.

The entertainer at your party will know how to keep things going if you just play along a little. The difference in how enteretaining a show can be varies between your groups interest level in the dancer. The easiest way for the rest of the bride tribe to keep the party going is tipping, you can place them on yourself or the bride.

Lets keep preparing:

Make sure there is a chair for the bride is there and has no arms if possible. Position the chair center of the floor so the bride is the center of room. The hunk will be able to use her as the center point while getting to everyone else.

Tipping is a important detail and keeps the party hot so keep throwing those ones. The dancing space actually looks a lot cooler with a lot of ones laying on the ground. A floor full one money while the guy is dancing on your friend makes for a awesome photo.

Tell the dancer exactly what you want him to do, yes just tell him. Communication is a important part of your party and maybe the hunk needs some guidance along the way. He may have his routines but does not know who wants a extra lap dance or more time. Maybe there is a fantasy that needs to get played out as well so just tell him

The most important details of the prepartion is maybe so strobe lights in a fairly dark room and shots. Yes drinks, you need them to enjoy the show at times because some random guy is in your place and he may not be what you really want so drink to lighten up your mood. This can make a dull party turn happy for sure.

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