The best male revues worldwide

What is a Male Revue

A male revue is a group of three or more men who perform trained routines while taking off their clothing down to underwear or less. The revue will have a portion of routines done in a group and solo performances as well. Male revues can include hip hop dance moves and acrobatic strip scenes during the act. Male revue is usually where you can find a bachelorette party, especially in a city that has lots of travelors

The best male revues that are burlesque style will be in Las Vegas, Australia or Nashville. These shows are more like Hollywood productions, there are mostly revues as well that are different with elaborate costumes and very creative dance moves that happen as well. The big burlesque shows have gotten some of their dance moves from these revues and use them in their big shows.

The most famous male strip acts

  1. Chippendales revues located in Las Vegas will always be number one on the list for big male revues for its documented histroy, prestige and show. This troupe has been around for a very long time and not going anywhere. The Chippendale male strip act still exist and perform presently.

    Chippendales still is a famous male strip group acknowledged for their amazing male striptease performances and live shows. The Chippendales are a touring dance troupe that wear a traditional bow tie, a collar, and fancey shirt cuffs over a exposed torso. They are based at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

    Located in Rio All Suites Resort Hotel & Casino for over 21 years now, the show has alluring dance routines, crowd participation, and a touch of comedy to create an great and unforgettable experience.
  2. Australia’s Thunder From Down Under is next on the list. These guys put on a fantastic show and have great marketing to prove that they do. The show is full of sporadic feats like jumping on tables to handstands out of no where and sure to thrill any ladies night out group
  3. Magic Mike is another group that is located in Las Vegas, NV and has a good show. This burlesque style show got their name from the movie and put on a themed show that represents it. Just like the movie it is a show full of theatrics whil trying to stick with the theme of a male reuve.
  4. Black Magic Live is a male revue created by the famous actress Vivica Fox and this performance is one of the best ever for style and creativity. If you want to see what a real male strip is like then this show is a par above the rest. They get their dance moves from some of the original OGs in the biz.

    Black Magic Live has a different role to play by including an all-black male dance troupe does not take away the traditions of male revues but does add a lot of extra flare. You can always expect the ever-attracting sultry hunks, tantalizing stunts, and crowd participation in the performances.
  5. The 5th spot on the list will be some honorable mentions. Men of Sapphire, King of Hustle, Sixxpack and all the small male revues where the dancers where custom made costumes and pop and lock their way through routines. The biggest shows are always in Vegas but the best shows are up to the customers opinion.

    In every major cities, you can find a male revue happening at a local bar on the weekend. To join any if these groups you have to go through a elaborate screening process and they have tryouts when a position needs to be filled.

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Reference: author Jen Smith

Revues and Male strippers get confused at time so here is a tidbit to remember.

The definition of a male strippers is a person removing their clothing so people who do male revues are essentially dancers. Because the money is available they do private parties acting as dancer as well so the two are the same. At the current time male revue is a more popular terminology and is used loosely to attract more visitors to what is being advertised.

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