Types of male dancers

Here is a list of the types of strippers I have ran into over the years dancing. Like any gig, the personalities are always interesting. Enjoy and little comedy and a FAQ on the type of dancers out there.

The Acrobat

Probably a very quiet dancer who use to be some sort of performer in another type of dance. He took his time and learned every move possible from WWE wrestling to circus. He is always a crowd pleaser and other guys hate to perform after him unless they have the same kind of tricks

The Magician Mike Magic

He hides dollars or props everywhere and encourages the crowd to do the same so he can find them. It usually comes with a lot of noise like a whislte and non stop talking to keep the crowd interested. The magic is you been distracted for so long that the show is over.

The Adonis – Muscle Man

He doesn’t have to do much because he is 6’4 and 250lbs of all muscle. Just walks around and doing a couple quick flexes is enough for him. He makes the performance like a bodybuilding show all oiled up for the ladies.

The Talker

He naturally has the gift of gab and usually on the pretty boy side. He doesn’t have to do much except use his personality. Little bit of comedy mixed in with some finesse, this man could convince you in 10 minutes that he can fly.

The Role Player

He tells a story while he dances and gets the crowd to role play with him. Usually has the best costumes with a skit to follow, even if the girls don’t play along he has a out. He does best in male revues for sure

The skinny athletic

This guy is a sleeper, at first site he looks like a dancer but nothing special but usually it is followed by something amazing, crazy stunts, lots of flexibility and the insanely unexpected because skinny bro can always pull it off. He looks like one of the girls friends, so they are very comfortable with him but dude be having some looong and unexpected tricks up his sleeve.


Hope you enjoyed my tell all, just a little comedy with some actually skilled people I work with on gigs. Everyone has something they do well after dancing long enough.

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